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Our journey with jewellery started from a young age. From making bead necklaces and selling them at the neighborhood fair, to learning at a goldsmith's studio in Tel Aviv and up to here. A process of learning, experiences and mistakes.

A process that is never going to end and this is one of the things we love so much about creating jewellery. There is no limit to what you can learn and how many techniques there are.

We are constantly learning and experimenting with new things, trying new techniques until we reach the finished product. Every piece of jewelry starts with an idea and inspiration that we take from the environment and try to convey it through creation.

We use fine metals, sterling silver and gold with natural gemstones and diamonds that brings the uniqueness to every piece of jewellery.

We take a lot of inspiration from the Japanese aesthetic- Wabi Sabi.
We try to convey the perfection in imperfection (damaged beauty), asymmetry, roughness. At the same time we take inspiration from the Danish design that focuses on clarity, clean lines, neutral colors with touches of bold colors.

Mostly our inspiration comes from the environment, the flow, and the shades of nature.

We believe in creating timeless jewelry you can wear for years and years to come.

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